Reviews For Tights 2
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Reviewer: alphaville Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 13 2008 04:17 pm Title: Tights 2

you just made me feel guilty about having work 8 hrs a day six days a week. i mean, i don't even write. by the way i think you're responsible for about 50% of the fic on here currently. both sad and awesome. sad because more people need to write and awesome cause well you are

Author's Response: I'm a temp, that means long stints of not a durn thin then jobs like this one, odds are by Christmas I'll be out of work again, so DO NOT FEEL GUILTY... And 90% of what I have up is Short, some REALLY short... and all of it got written when I wasn't working, but I agree we need more fic on here, if real life will just Let the other Authors go :) I'm still flattered beyond belief that people like my dribbles

Reviewer: Questionsannoyme Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 10 2008 11:08 am Title: Tights 2

Chris you naughty boy. Hehehehe me likey >)

Author's Response: Linke doesn't strike me as bashful, at ALL.. Glad you enjoyed it .. :)

Reviewer: alphaville Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 10 2008 09:40 am Title: Tights 2

what a great way to start my day. as always love your writing

Author's Response: is going to be just my Advents for a while.. work is doing 7-6 at least and 7 days a week for the time being...rnrnbut I'm glad folks are enjoying my dribbles... :)

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