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To enter a challenge simply write your story and submit it to the correct challenge category. You may also list it under Gen, Het and Slash as normal as well.

The story deemed the best by the mods from each challenge will be featured for two weeks in the next featured slot after the end of the challenge.

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Kiss or Consequences03-Nov-200901-Jan-2010link to challenge category
Put one or more of the Panik boys in a situation with another human being where they have to share anything from a kiss to full on sex or face dire consequences. Could be humorous or full or angst or somewhere in between.
You know the concept - someone gets drugged, or comes into an alien inheritance, or has a close brush with magic, or has some accidental exposure to a weird combination of chemicals, and the only way to save them from pain/misery/death is an intimate experience of some sort with another person. Get creative! Anything PG-NC17 is acceptable.

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